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Supplies-for-Hotels offers a complete line of hotel supplies.
We offer bed linens, bath products, custom bedspreads and window drapery and blinds
by Humdinger Decor.

Supplies for Hotels by Humdinger Enterprises, Inc.





Soap, Shampoos, Bath Products,
Skin Care and Toiletries...


(Ships within 1 Week)

Number Product Description Packaged  per Box

per Box

F-SHAM0567 Esthetique Shampoo 1 oz. Bottles 144  $59.68
F-COND0567 Esthetique Conditioner 1 oz. Bottles 144 $59.68
F-BLTN0567 Esthetique Hand & Body Lotion 1 oz. Bottles 144  $59.68
F-BGEL0567 Esthetique Bath Gel 1 oz. Bottles 144 $59.68
F-MTWH0567 Esthetique Mouthwash 1 oz. Bottles 144  $68.90
F-BGRN0567 Esthetique Bath Salts in Envelope 112  $131.89
F-SOAP0567 Esthetique Glycerine Soap .88 oz. Bar, Flow Wrap 250  $69.20
F-SOAP0568 Esthetique Soap 1.75 oz. Bar, Parchment Wrap 200  $73.60
X-AKIT0567 Esthetique Vanity Kit, Boxed 500  $147.50
X-SHCP0567 Esthetique Shower Cap, Boxed 500  $101.60
X-SEWK0004A Esthetique Prethreaded Sewing Kit 500  $184.00
F-SHOW0660 Esthetique Beige Shoe Mitt 1000  $331.20



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