OrganiQ Spa


OrganiQ Spa is formulated with some of the worlds purest secrets, we have established a perfect synergy between nature and science. The OrganiQ range of products is the solution for those looking for a cleaner, organically inspired experience for their guests. All products are infused with exclusive herbal blends and bring benefits to skin and hair allowing its natural beauty to shine through.


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Item # Description Price/Case Case Size
F-SHAM1115 Renewal Shampoo $82.50 200 1.25 oz.
F-COND1115 Restorative Conditioner $82.50 200 1.25 oz.
F-BGEL1115 Exfoliating Body Wash $82.50 200 1.25 oz.
F-BLTN1115 Anti-Oxidant Body Lotion $82.50 200 1.25 oz.
F-SOAP1115 Facial Bar, Flow Wrap $78.00 250 1 oz.
F-SOAP1116 Oatmeal Massage Soap, Flow Wrap $84.50 200 1.7 oz.