This line of Rituals amenity products brings many benefits to the guest room. Rituals shampoo and conditioner contains multiple botanical extracts and hydrating aloe vera to provide volume and shine. Nourishing sweet orange and cedar body wash combined with our rejuvenating organic white lotus and yi yi ren body lotion leaves your body feeling invigorated. The Rituals amenities will transform your guest’s experience into a more meaningful one.



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Item # Description Price/Case Case Size
RITU-SHAM01 Shampoo $86.50 200 1 oz
RITU-COND01 Conditioner $86.50 200 1 oz
RITU-BLTN01 Body Lotion $86.50 200 1 oz
RITU-BGEL01 Body Wash $86.50 200 1 oz
RITU-SOAP02 Paper Wrap Body Soap $70.50 200 1.25 oz
RITU-SOAP01 Paper Wrap Facial Soap $67.50 200 1 oz